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Classique Stillz - wood art, Pelican Room

Contraband Room

Contraband Room 3

Deja Nu Decor and Pomagranit Annie's, Contraband Room

Flavored Coffees, CajunVille Room

Flock of Five Crazy Ladies!

From the Days of Olde... the Old Post Office...

Gondra the Driftwood Dragon and Friends

Hall de' Arte'

Lizzy's Corner, Pelican Room


Stephanie's Shell Creations

Another Fine Flock!

Driftwood Bird by Calca-Shack Creations...

Calca-Shack Driftwood Fish

Pottery by Mischelle

Picard Richard - Childrens' book by L. Reed

Picard Richard, the Hopless Cajun Rabbit

Calca-Shack concrete fleur de lis

Ceramics - Nana's Garden Art

Watercolor by Carol


Classique Stillz signs

Crazy Chicken - Driftwood Bird

Wreath by Deco-Exchange

Jewels by Karen...

Wreath by Sharon Nabours

Handpainted birdhouses by Nettie

Paper Flowers and Tags by Peggy B.

The I-10 Pelican saved and brought to Heckhaven Wildlife Rehab Center in L. Charles

Muttscrub by Deco-Exchange

Greentown Soap

Handcrafted Cutting Boards - M. Naquin

Prayer Bears - so beary-cute!

Boudreaux's Jelly and yummies!

Paint by Rosie Posie

Local Honey

Watercolor Cards by Lizzie

Two Crea-8-tive Spirits

Gift Basket

On the Bayou Candles

Real-Time Pain Relief

Greentown Soap

Fleur-de-Color by Lynette Landry

Wreaths by Sharon Nabours

Deja-Nu Decor

Stitches by Barbara

Desi's Metal Clay Jewelry

On the Bayou Candles and Signs

Gator Necklace by Karen

Aves Designs

Boutique Clothing

Pottery by Mischelle

Cajun Moon

Candle Warmers, Oils and Candles

Art by Calca-Shack Creations

Driftwood Cross

Classique Stillz Photography

Naquin's Cutting boards


Doggy Dress-ups!


Americana - vintage and collectibles

Jeweled Collage by Nana's Storage

Amy and Matt D.'s

The Flockingales...

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